We use the words ‘’Tourist’’ and ‘’Traveler’’ interchangeably.It may seem like splitting hair but these titles have different implications. Generally,a traveler is the person who travels  to learn and to  experience new things whereas a  tourist is a traveler who travels for pleasure at a tourist spot.Traveler consider the trip as a journey whereas a tourist call it as a vacation.

Fancy yourself a traveler? Find out and see that you are a traveler not a tourist.

  1. You are a daydreamer of your next trips.You are always counting down for your next trip.
  2. Solo Travel is your choice.You prefer it because it is a convenient way for trip & making new friends.
  3. Your phone is packed with every geography and  travel apps you could possibly need.
  4. You use airport codes for the cities.For example: Newyork:NYC,London:LON,Zurich:ZRH,Kathmandu:KTM
  5. Passport is your favourite personal item.You have many stamps on every page.
  6. You are a good packer.Your friends comes to you for packing tips.
  7. Your walls are covered with maps and photos marked of places you’ve been or would love to go.
  8. You have a map of the world tattooed somewhere on your body.
  9. You are a collector of multiple currencies  from around the world.
  10. You try with the local language,but so far you’ve got only got ‘’Please’’, ‘’thankyou’’, ‘’hello’’, and some more on your repertoire.
  11. Your New Year’s resolution always includes the place you want to visit in the coming year.
  12. Your permanent is still your parent’s house,because you’re never in once place for long enough.
  13. You are a subscriber to both ‘’National Geographic’’ and ‘’National Geographic Traveler’’.
  14. When you meet some someone new, your first question is ‘’Where are you from?’’
  15. You are very fond of using instagram.
  16. You spend all day reading travel blogs and probably have your own.
  17. You save money for a plane ticket rather than spending them at new clothes or other personal accessories.
  18. You have a facebook cover photo of the destination you have been/you love to visit.
  19. You have weather and time-zone as your favourite spots because you like to know.
  20. If someone asks you about your biggest passion, ‘’travel’’ is your answer without a second thought.
  21. You have a collection of souvenirs,memories,gifts  and random items from the abroad.

Well,we can say that every tourist are  travelers but every traveler are not tourists.