Nepal is one of the most beautiful country in the planet. It has beautiful Mountains, Landscapes, High hills, lakes, glacier,etc. Nepal is a place that is worth to visit for peace of mind and the for the beauty that will catch everyone’s eyes and their heart. Nepal is a piece of heaven in earth. Nepal is blessed by the natural beauty.  Nestled in the lap of the gigantic Himalayan Range, small landlocked Nepal has eight out of ten highest mountains in the world, including Mt. Everest – the tallest in the world. Nepal is famous for its abundance of natural beauty; bio-diversity; ethnic, linguistic, and social diversity; and historical and cultural wealth. Nepal is not only beautiful by the natural heritages but also by its culture, tradition and its history. In Nepal people of 36 religion, speaking 126 different languages reside here. In Nepal there is the feeling of Unity in diversity. People living here treat each other as brother’s and sister’s though they are from different cultures, tradition etc. Around 80% of the total population of Nepal are engaged in agriculture which is helping for the enhancement of Natural beauty of Nepal.

There may be a question in every one’s mind that “Why Nepal is regarded as a beautiful country?”.  But today we are going to clear all the doubts of the people. Yes Nepal is regarded as the one of the most beautiful country in the world because it contains various high Mountains, Beautiful Landscapes, and various endangered animals. Nepal contains various places that are worth to visit. Siddhartha Gautam also known as Gautam Buddha who is regarded as the light of Asia was born in  Lumbini, a beautiful place of Nepal. Lumbini has been regarded as the most religious place for the people following Buddhism. Lumbini is not only a religious place for buddhist only but it is regarded as a holy place for the people of hindu religion also. Many buddhist monk visit Lumbini for meditation and in the search of the peace of mind.

There are other beautiful places in Nepal which provides thrilling experiences for all the tourist. There are various high mountains in Nepal like:

  1. Mount Everest

  2. Mount Annapurna

  3. Mount Fishtail

  4. Mount Langtang etc

Nepal is the 2nd richest country in water resource. There are many high flowing rivers where we can enjoy Different sports like Rafting, Kayak etc. The tallest mountain of the world Mount Everest also lies here. Nepal has been a fastly growing country for tourism. Many activities are being conducted for the promotion of tourism like Bungee jumping, Hand gliding, Paragliding etc.

The lake at the highest altitude of the world also lies here. Nepal has been not only rich in natural beauty but it has also been beautiful by its culture and history. Nepal has been preserving the art, and sculpture of the ancient period. It has been preserving the houses, palaces and the materials that was used by the people of ancient period. Many historical places like Bhaktapur Durbar Square, Kathmandu Durbar Square, Patan Durbar Square are the major ones that have been conserving the history of Nepal.

So because of its natural, cultural, historical beauty it is considered one of the most beautiful country. All the heritages have been playing  a major role for the promotion of tourism from which Nepal is being famous world-wide.