Paragliding/Cross Country/ Accuracy Category-2 Competition. It is opened for all pilots and selection National Paragliding Team.

The competition will be on November 1st ultil 5th, 2017 at Bhirkot 5 Mahapur Syangja Nepal.

Competition Info


Paragliding- Accuracy/Cross Country

Number of events :

Individual Man, Individual Woman, team (Mix)


Min. Tasks

1 Task

Max. Tasks

3 Tasks

Eligibility to Compete

Pilot who has licence and with Insurance and minimum rating :

  • For XC- Parapro4
  • For Accuracy Parapro3/4
  • For National Pilot must have to be government Sport Licence from Nepal .

Quota for participants

200 Participants

Quota Per Countris

Not Limited

Quota Allocations

First Come Frist Serve


Max. 5 Pilots, 4 in same gender (4+1)

Best 4 Pilots From Each Rounds (For Team Category)


Certified Glider/Harness/Helmet etc : (ParaPro 1,2,3 EN-A, B) & (ParaPro4 EN-C, D or CCC)


Flying Site : Bhirkot 5, Mahapur Syangja Nepal (Sirkot)/ Authorised by Civil Aviation Authority Of Nepal. (Longest Areal Distance 50KM And Maximum Vertical Climbing Limit AMSL 8,800 Ft.

Flying Site Environment : Green Mountain

Take of Altitude : 1600 Mtr AMSL (Latitude : 28° 1’24.57″N, Longitude : 83°44’1.43″E). We have optional two different take off.

Landing Altitude : 800 Mtr (Latitude : 28° 0’29.62″N, Longitude : 83°46’23.76″E)

Difference/Distance: 5 KM Areal Distance


The Competition registration fee for

Pilot : Euro 50.00/Person (equal to. Nrs.. current rate)

Included :

  • Transportation during the competition
  • Food During the competition /Breakfast, pack launch and dinner (Organized Camping place. Must pilot have to bring own tent and sleeping bag. You can get on rent in the local place.
  • T-Shirt/Cap/Pilot number/Sticker etc.
  • Opening and Closing ceremony official people by Government of Nepal.
  • Medical facilites/You will get this services on take off, landing with parametic team with ambulance. As well emergency helicopter, Technical Rope Resque Team (TRR).


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