11 Reasons to visit Nepal

Nepal is a small landlocked country in South Asia that lies between the 2 large countries .i.e. China to  the North & India to the (west, east & south) with the area of 1,47,181 square km.Though,a  small country, Nepal is  well-known for its  natural & cultural beauty throughout the world.Nepal is also called a paradise […]

You can do it, break up with your busy life for a day.

Duration: 2 day What we do: Holi Celebration, BBQ, Swimming, Rafting Travel : By Bus Time: 3-4 Hour Rafting Length: 3 Hour Rafting Distance: 22km Rapid: around 10 Whitewater rafting is one of the most adventure thrilling vacation in Nepal. Number of myths scaring regular people from this safe and fun vacation. Today, I am […]