Nagarjuna Jamacho Hike – This is one the nearest hiking trails in Kathmandu Valley, also, one of the most strenuous. A motor ride leads up straight to the Jamacho Stupa, which usually takes about 45 minutes to an hour. The hiking trail is five kilometers long. It will take your through the dense Nagarjuna forest or Rani Ban (Queen’s Forest), and through steep paths lined with stony steps.
On the hill top of Nagarjuna, a beautiful Jamacho Monastery is situated where you can find the small statue of Nagarjuna Buddha. On the east side of the stupa there are two rows of Buddhist gods and goddesses. In the first row Mahankala is in meditation pose and third Vasundhara while second row includes white Tara, Padmapani green Tara, and Vajrapani.