“A mind is like a parachute, it doesn’t work if it is not open.” Frank Zappa.

Open your mind to fly, we help you to open your wings and make you fly freely in the sky with birds. Paragliding in Pokhara is really thrilling and adventurous. It gives lifetime experience of flying in the sky with the eagle eye view of Pokhara valley, eye level view of mount fishtail, captivate view of great Himalayan range and the panoramic view of different pristine valley, landscapes, vegetation ,lifestyle and real beauty of Nepal.It really gives you the prime pleasure.

We provide varieties of flying facilities. They are:

Tandem flight(20-30mins.) : We fly with birds and discover the landscapes , beautiful villages, agricultural fields ,people working there ,phewa lake from the bird eye and and the closest  view of different mountains for 20-30 mins.

Cloud Buster.(20-30mins.): The most dazzle view with Himalayan range you can expect the thrill of high flight imaging like a eagle eye view, while flying you can observe so much pristine natural things in Pokhara . It really gives a real pleasure to you within 20-30 minutes.

Cross Country.(40-60mins.): It is one of the great  experiences in the Himalayas.This paragliding is for those who want to undergo more ideas, experiences and knowledge about paragliding in unplumbed enclave with only birds giving the company.we cross the Phewa lake and many other pristine forests, landscapes and valleys following  Seti or Mardi river route. We can reach the altitude of around 2500m to 3300m.and return back to Pokhara either by bus, car, taxi or flight.

Para Hiking: It is one of the double adventurous activity. We also do hiking with the experienced guide along with paragliding.

Paragliding Tour: We offer 11  days tour which is geared for those pilots wanting to experience flying around  Pokhara valley with local guides who knows the local environmental conditions and flying sites . With the guidance of our pilots and the special package we offer you  a unique cultural experience and flying experiences in Himalayas. Depending on the weather condition , anyone from 25+ hours up to an experienced pilot will be able to take full advantage of what this tour has to offer.

The take off point is Sarangkot (1500m) which is 30mins. drive from lakeside, Pokhara(800m) which is our landing point. We make your dream of flying come true depending on your choice of flying.No noisey engines, crazy jumps or free falls.Just the peaceful trade wings gently embrace our wing as we walk into the air. So, make a contact with us and make your flying dream true and discover why birds sing.