Rara Lake  is ‘’a shimmering blue jewel set in a ring of snowy peaks’’.

Rara lake is the biggest lake & a hidden treasure at the western of Nepal.It lies in Rara Development Committee,Jumla & Mugu District in North-Western part of Nepal.It falls under the Rara National Park with the altititue of 2990m.The oval-shaped  blue lake has the length  of 5km & 3km width & spreads over 14 sq.km with the deepest part of 170m.It ultimately merges with Mugu Karnali River via the Nijal River.The lake surrounded by pine,coniferous forest around ,beautiful snow-capped  Himalayan range on the top makes an combination of unbelievable beauty can attract anyone & therefore people often call it as ‘’Angel of the heaven’’.In Sptember 2007,the lake was declared as Ramsar site of Nepal.


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How to reach Rara?

Rara is place of unparalleled natural  beauty.Everyone remains describing about the beauty of Rara.It is considered the best destination for trekking.The bio-diversity & living cultures of Rara attracts the visitors.It is rich in flora & fauna ,high himalayan views ,local cultures,art & living styles  & many more.We can reach Rara lake after the 3 days trek from Jumla & Bajura.We can also reach there  within few hours after 45 minutes flight from Nepalgunj & from Surkhet.


The best season to visit Rara is during April-June & September/October.The climate is quite pleasant with the lake filled up with the beautiful wild flowers like a carpet.The warm during this season is warm.The climate is quite freezing & cold during winter season.The heavy snowfall occurs filling the passages  with the snow &   the way to Rara lake.Its very difficult to trek through the snowcapped passages during winter season.

The rainfall is average during the monsoon season which occurs during July to October.


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Why  to visit Rara?

Rara Lake itself is the destination for the Rara Region which makes one feel heavenly experience when we reach there.From the early morning to the late  evening ,we can get to see many looks of Rara lake.The time-to time, everchanging  color of Rara lake totally fascinates the visitors.The Rara flowing  calmly with the stable climate in the morning starts flowing   harshly splashing the waves hitting the bank of the lake.The breezing echoing sound of the waves will make the environment more charming and fascinating.The natural species of flowers ,vegetation around the lake glows the beauty of the lake.


Source :raralakenepal

Rara National Park:

Rara Lake is between the hills in the Rara National Park with an exciting beauty of variety of flora & fauna with rare & vulnerable species.Rara National Park was established in 1976 translocating two villages Rara & Chapung ,spread over 106 sq.km with the aim of preserving the beauty of  Rara lake , the wildlife around from the adverse effect of human activities.Certain charges are taken for the entry to the park.It consists of 1074 species of flora which 16 are endemic to Nepal,includes  51 species of mammals & 214 species of birds.

It is the home of the musk deers,Himalayan black bears,Danfe(national bird of Nepal),variety of  fishes, Rara Lake frogs,red pandas,snow leopards,gray langur,rhododendron,oaks & many more species.

Socio-cultural Diversity:

Rara is the inhabitant of diverse cultures & religions.Chettris,Brahmins,Thakur,Dalits,etc follow Hinduism ,generally celebrates Dashain,Tihar,etc.Bhotes/Lamas follow Buddhism.They are considered to be rich in culturally & religiously. They celebrates Lhosar & some Tibetan festivals.They are involved in the Gumbas,enchanting in religious enchanting as Lama. Agriculture is the main occupation around this area.Animal husbandry & medicinal herbs making/selling business are done by the people for their living.

Thakur Baba’s Temple is situated in the southeast corner of the lake.Local people believe that god Thakur shot an arrow to open passage of the lake  reducing the damage caused by flooding. Thakur society is dominant in the community.


Rara Lake has  been a popular destination  with the rough routes for the trekkers.The 2-3 3hrs trek begins after   the flight to Jumla or  from the nearer Nepalgunj.Going along the mountain path & picturesque villages ,we reach Rara lake.The scenic beauty of surrounded around & the glimpse of snowcapped-mountains attracts the trekkers.The cattle-grazing on the alpine pastures makes you stop & watch it on your way.Pines,sprouts,rhododendron,oaks,etc are the vegetation found in the area.The cultural aspects makes you enjoy throughout your stay.

Affordable Accomodation :



Home stay facilities is available in the Rara region with the houses serving you during your stay there.Budget hotels with restaurants offers with simple/basic accommodation services with simple Nepali dishes.The visitors can even enjoy tented camps on the western part of the lake.Therefore,the cost comparatively low than than the other  destination which is very affordable to everyone.




Jumla-Rara trek is ‘off the beaten trail’ through the remote wilderness  of western Nepal offering a superb , exciting experience of nature and visit to Rara lake.Jumla is the another gateway to reach Rara trekking route.It is a commercial area.One can observe unique lifestyles & geographical condition on the routes.Basic hotels with shower facilities  are found at Jumla.The routes gives provides you the observation of unique lifestyles & geographical condition.

Rara is considered to be ‘’Nymph of Heaven’’ which is  a must destination having an exotic beauty.It is the hidden treasure on the earth which one  must visit  once in a lifetime.